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NuCanoe Fishing Packages/Base Models

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Note: There are many changes to the NuCanoe line this year. Each Frontier and the new Pursuit both come with the new seat. This page has also changed in that the packages are offered on the build it yourself page.

NuCanoe is leading a category of new hybrid boats that incorporate attributes of a kayak and a canoe into one boat. They are easy to paddle, float high and can be accessorized with any number of custom pieces from NuCanoe, you can even add a trolling motor or 2 hp gas motor. Here at Wildcat Creek Outfitters, it has become our go to fishing boat for those who want room for tackle and boats that can be used in a bunch of different conditions. If you are looking for an inexpensive and easy to haul option then your search is over. If you are a fly angler and can't afford and drift boat look no more. If you are a bass angler and want to fish small bodies of water this is for you. It is also a fabulous back water salt marsh boat for Redfish, Snook and Baby Tarpon as well. This boat can be poled or used for transportation to back waters. Heck, we have even used this on Lake Michigan! This boat can be purchased in every configuration. You can purchase a NuCanoe package or build it one piece as a time. There are upgrades to seats and accessories on here as well. Enjoy looking and picking out your next fishing boat.
If you feel more comfortable ordering over the phone please call us at 317-733-3014. We will be more than happy to help you!


NuCanoe Pursuit
SKU: SKU1603

Our price: $1,599.00
NuCanoe Frontier 12 Build it Yourself

Length: 12'0"
Width: 41"
Our price: $1,449.00
NuCanoe Frontier 10 Build it Yourself
SKU: SKU8141

Length: 10'0"
Width: 38.5"
Our price: $1,029.00