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Grand Bahama Bonefishing: June 17-21


This has been our signature trip for Bonefish for a long time now and we will be making our 7th trip there. Hands down this is Chad’s favorite Bonefish destination in the world. We have a lot of reasons why Grand Bahama has been our signature trip for Bonefish. To start, it is quick and easy to travel to Grand Bahama. We can typically leave Indy mid-morning and be in Freeport by early afternoon. Another great reason is that Grand Bahama is a spouse friendly location. There are very few places you can go that are like this. There is plenty of non-fishing activities on Grand Bahama, anything from relaxing at the beach, snorkeling, kayaking, and even shopping. The best reason to travel to Grand Bahama is the fishing of course. Between all of us at the shop we have fished many locations for Bonefish, and Grand Bahama is at the top of the list out of all of them. Grand Bahama offers the biggest Bonefish in the western hemisphere, not to mention the availability of permit. The Bonefish do what Bonefish should do, they reward a good presentation. Even though they are big they do eat a fly and more 10 pound plus Bonefish are landed on GB than any other destination in the islands.

We will be fishing for 3 days and have 4 nights stay at Grand Bahama. We will be fishing with H2o Bonefishing and staying at Pelican Bay. We have been extremely happy with this combination for years. We are picked up each morning right in front of our rooms after breakfast, then it is off to the flats.

There are two packages available for this trip. There is the standard angler package, and then there is a couples package. The couples package is for an angler and a non-fishing spot. We have been offering this for many of our past trips, and usually have several couples go on the trip.

Mike will be hosting the trip this year. For more information give Mike a call at the shop or email him at:

Also, for more info be sure to check out

Michigan Steelhead Trip: Nov. 2nd-5th

01e4203333350d9836ceb13fa6d3d28402cc01f216It’s quickly approaching one of our favorite times of year, steelhead season. We love fall steelhead fishing, we look forward to it every year. We will be making a special trip up to northern Michigan this fall. What makes this trip special from our other fall steelhead trips you may ask, well let us tell you. This trip will have a focus on swinging flies for steelhead. Don’t let the thought of swinging flies intimidate you. Swinging flies for steelhead is an effective and enjoyable technique to learn. We have several great guides for this trip that will help you learn how to fish a swung fly. You do not have to be an experienced two-handed/ spey caster to go on this trip. We will actually have workshops and clinics leading up to this trip as well.

We will be leaving on Sunday the 2nd, fishing Monday and Tuesday( 3rd and 4th) and returning on Wednesday the 5th. We have room for only 5 anglers on this trip. Mike will be hosting the trip, so if you have any questions, please call the shop or email him at


Fly Casting on the Joe


Fly Casting on the Joe

On Saturday, August 2nd, 2014, we here at WCO will be attending Fly Casting on the Joe in Berrien Springs, MI. This should be a fun day full of seminars, lessons, along with being able to check out some stuff from your favorite manufacturers such as Sage, Scott, and RIO products. We will have a booth set up all day, so come on up and check the event out!

For more information on the event, head on over to!





Midwest Madness Kayak Fishing Tournament

Tournament Poster


WCO Kayak Fishing Team


We wanted to take a moment to thank everyone that applied for our team for this year. We have made our selections for the team, and have informed all the new team members. Again, thank you everyone that applied. We will be forming a team next year as well, so if you did not make it this year please apply again next year.


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Pittstown Point, Crooked Island in the Bahamas Pittstown Point, Crooked Island in the Bahamas
This is an Island that holds a special place in our heart. We have hosted many trips to this island and have become friends with the guides and staff of the lodge. Pittstown Point is a point that jaunts out of the northwestern side of the island. Off the point is a very old light house that was relit only a few years ago. The lodge sets in one of the most picturesque places on earth facing this light house.

The island sets next to another well known island Acklins and with Crooked Island forms the Bight of Acklins. Inside the bight is an enormous area of flats, creeks and channels. The bight has hundreds of square miles of flats. These flats are teeming with huge schools of unpressured Bonefish. We have fished these Bonefish in both spring and summer and always find schools of true 3 to 4 pound fish. There is the occasional school of Bonefish in the 4 to 8 pound range as well. There are only two fishing operations on Crooked Island and with the sheer enormity of the flats area it allows an angler to cast to a lot of fish that have rarely if ever seen a fly. (more…)