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Jackson Fishing Kayaks
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Summer is here!!! Its time to get a Jackson kayak for vacation of for fishing around home. We are in the peak of the season and the best fishing of the year is now through September!!!

WCO has the best selection of Jackson fishing kayaks on the planet. We have every boat in every color and will ship it anywhere. We also have a 10,000 sq foot show room any kayak angler would enjoy visiting.
WCO is the leader in fishing kayaks and stocks the best of the best. Buying your fishing stuff from someone who doesn't fish doesn't make a lot of sense. So why buy your fishing kayaks from people who don't fish from a kayak, or who might not fish at all! Take advantage of the best advice and expertise from WCO. Rest assured if you call us here at Wildcat Creek Outfitters we will know how to set your Jackson Kayak up for success. We will be able to talk you through the accessories and options to help make your purchase the right one for you.

If you have any questions about these boats or prefer to order over the phone call the Jackson fishing kayak anglers at WCO 317-733-3014

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2015 Jackson Big Rig
SKU: SKU1088

Our price: $1,699.00
2015 Jackson Coosa HD
SKU: SKU1523

Our price: $1,699.00
2015 Jackson Cuda LT 12
SKU: SKU1522

Our price: $1,799.00
2015 Jackson Kraken
SKU: SKU1565

Our price: $1,799.00
2015 Jackson Cuda 12

Our price: $1,369.00
2015 Jackson Cuda 14

Our price: $1,469.00
2015 Jackson Big Tuna

Our price: $1,799.00
2015 Jackson Kilroy
SKU: SKU1063

Length: 12'4"
Our price: $1,349.00
2015 Jackson Realtree Camo Kilroy
SKU: SKU1521

Our price: $1,799.00
2015 Jackson Coosa

Our price: $1,249.00
2015 Jackson Coosa Yak Attack Edition
SKU: SKU1157

Our price: $1,449.00
Jackson Cruise 10 Angler
SKU: SKU1089

Our price: $949.00
Jackson SuperFISHal
SKU: SKU1050

Our price: $999.00
Jackson Kayak Bass Paddle 240 or 250
SKU: SKU10601

Length: 240cm
Our price: $329.00