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Old Town Predator Kayaks

Special Inventory Note: Every color and model in stock!
Predator 13's and MX's have been nearly impossible to find anywhere. WCO has a fresh selection of boats that arrived a few days ago. They are going very fast, we would advice you to call very soon and get one or you won't be getting one for a while!

Just when you didn't think anyone could improve on kayak design Old Town comes along and crashes through the barrier of what a fishing kayak can't do. We have a strict criteria here at WCO and it centers on what we believe are the best attributes of a fishing kayak. It must be stable and have a clean deck. It must maneuver on rivers and track nicely when paddling. Most importantly though it must be built to allow for accessorization. We need room for all our stuff and the new Predator from Old Town is the home run we were hoping for!

To say this is a cool boat would be the understatement of the century. Every single inch of this boat was thought through by anglers, for anglers. As many of you know we are a fishing outfitter who fish and sell kayaks. We aren't a paddle store who sells fishing kayaks to make money. We eat sleep and fish kayaks. We will be eating and sleeping and fishing from the new Old Town Predator Fishing Kayak every minute we can! LOVE THESE BOATS!


Old Town Predator 13
SKU: SKU1066

Our price: $1,399.00
Old Town Predator MX
SKU: SKU1067

Our price: $1,299.00
Old Town Predator XL
SKU: SKU1499

Our price: $2,699.00